How can you question the power of God?
How can one ultimately endure
The feeling of inadequacy
The constant need for more
Yet unbelief still rests on her shores?

The waves crash in
The ocean sings deep
With a melody so soft
So sweet
Child, just believe

Believe that I not only walk on these waters
But move them
And part them
As easily as your breathe departs from within

Child, believe in Me
Believe this Mountain your climbing
As you see the valley below slowly sinking
Is all because you have faith
The faith of a mustard seed

And now you can see
That all you need to do
Is simply be

Simply be a part of Me
Simply radiate My energy
I am here

Accept Me

Invite My Spirit to dwell
With a love deeper than the deepest wells
For I am transcending

I am above all
And with all
I am
All you will ever need

Now go
Go in peace



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